The Year of the Flood

The Year of the Flood - Margaret Atwood

This book is perfect.
If your looking for a critical non-biased review this isn't the place because I haven't read a book by Margaret Atwood that I haven't loved.

This is a dual perspective novel and the sequel to Oryx y Crake featuring many of the same characters as the original. I loved both perspectives equally, and the transitions between the narratives blended perfectly. You get to see Ren grow up and Tody grow old and how the apocalypse went down on ground level.
You could read this book without reading the first book in the series. Reading them in order will give you a better insight into the characters of Jimmy, Glenn and many others but I think that this book does a better job of making them fleshed out.
It felt slightly convoluted that all the characters were connected in such intimate ways but I dont feel like it took away from the book overall. It manages to cover such a long period of time in what feels like no time at all.
Honestly, I can't think about what I want to say about this book other than just read it.