Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty Reece Witherspoon recommended this book on Twitter a long time ago. So I had to read it because she is Elle Woods.

And I loved it. I feel like I'm really late to the game for this one, it was interesting, engaging and for once I didn't guess the ending. (Well I guessed part of the ending but not the twist after the twist).

Look, I'm not going to say this book is perfect. It's about upper-class white people in one of the most diverse cities in the world. Not a person of colour or a gay person in sight. But the thing is, I know places like this. I know women like this, with their blonde bobs and obsessions about their children's kale intake. They exist and this book is critical of the shallow lives that they lead. For a more critical and probably more interesting review of this book, I suggest checking out [a:Roxane Gay|3360355|Roxane Gay|] because I agree with all the points she's making

There's nothing I say about this book that's not a huge spoiler so I just recommend that you start reading it now.